St. Louis REALTORS® researched regions similar to ours to identify best practices for enacting uniform and safe building codes. When assessing metropolitan areas with local code adoption policies, research still found a substantially higher level of consistency in building codes than currently exists in St. Louis County.

The research team identified three key drivers of the inconsistency in building codes in St. Louis County. Finding a confusing and inconsistent approach to building codes that is a burden on municipalities, residents, and professionals, this unique combination of three factors led to unparalleled complexity and inconsistency in only one place other than St. Louis County when compared to anywhere else in the country.

When St. Louis REALTORS® searched to find a comprehensive list of building codes used in St. Louis County, we found that no one had compiled such a list – nor had anyone tallied the number of building codes that exist across the County. This report provides information on the massive number of code books in place throughout St. Louis County and its scores of municipalities.

The full report showcases the range of code books that are in use. The short version of the report contains the main chart from the full report that displays what code and code year that each of the 88 municipalities has adopted (not taking into account any amendments).